Embedded architecture


What's new

I am actively taking part in a software developpement targeting ARMv8 with TrustZone, Arm Trusted Firmware and Open Portable TEE.

This experience complements my extended knowledge of ARM architecture and security solutions for digital devices.

GEZEDO is a single person company.

Design and optimize your embedded architecture

As technology advances, the components of embedded systems become increasingly complex:

  • full-featured SoC have replaced 8-bit micro-controllers
  • modern OS, with paged memory, have replaced runtime executives

The requirements of performance and quality have also increased: real-time and reliability take a prominent place.

I can help you meet these challenges. I have experience in various fields associated with embedded software (see my perspective), so I am able to assist you at every stage of your project.

Led by innovation

I like to be involved in innovative projects. I like trying new things especially when they are considered difficult or impossible. I think we sometimes need to get around the problem by taking the unmarked paths of software development, being innovative. I realize that it is not easy to do so in every environment, leading-edge technologies are often difficult to integrate. Finally, what matters, is that I share the motivations of those, small and large companies who want to make a product, which they will be proud.

Backed by a strong experience

I develop the embedded software for nearly 10 years (see my resume). I used to work with RISC processors (ARM, MIPS, SH) and SoC, which I understand the architecture. I develop effortlessly on these machines in C and assembly language. I have the experience to write effective software with real time constraints and memory footprint (see track record). Added to the experience gained at TRANGO Virtual Processors and VMware, these elements helped me to become an expert in virtualization processors.